Thursday, 29 January 2009

Ed Tomassi's Second Blog

We've been home from our little stint in Germany and Holland for well over a week now. The shows we played there we pretty much are brilliant! We got treated so well, everyone was lovely with us. All food over there is so much better than it is here in England. The only exception is milk. The milk was bad.

I have just got home from a weekend in London. Last night i drummed for Throats at the Old Blue Last. The set with them was pretty insane. Very sweaty, very fast, very loud. The whole show was incredible! An act i can only describe as "the beatles" opened things up. Holy State followed. They were superb! Can't wait to see them again. Brontide were, again, pretty sweet themselves. They have just started a pretty long tour. You should check their myspace page for dates. Massive thanks to the Throats men for having me down and taking excellent care of me and Simon Moody for taking me back to the 1970s and then home!

Now that i am home, it's all systems Tomassi. Tomorrow the Joe's and I will be getting together to start working on some new tunes. James will be thrown into the equation at the weekend. Hopefully we'll be coming out with some total bangers within a week or two. Aside from that, we have some very exciting dates including the Shred Your Face Tour!!!! \m/ !!! and then South by Southwest !!! So far 2009 is looking pretty brilliant.

Enjoy the snow responsibly,

Ed x

Thursday, 15 January 2009


so whilst we've been on the road we've been playing some funny games.

when people are asleep we have been challenging each other to get a cornflake (or other piece of cereal) in the sleeping persons mouth. this game is called 'cornflaking'. below are two video's of cornflaking. unfortunately, i didnt video it being done to bean, which is a shame because his was the best response.

Ed being Cornflaked:

Tom being Cornflaked:


Sunday, 11 January 2009

home thoughts from abroad

well not quite but a cheeky literary reference never hurt anyone, right?

i write this from a hostel in hamburg. today we drove through 5 countries and arrived in hamburg, where we begin our week in germany and holland tomorrow, about 2 hours ago. we had a good walk around the centre for an hour or so, saw a frozen river (ridiculous!) and conceded defeat that nothing would be open because it was 11pm and sunday night. everyone came back to the hostel and i bought some wireless time. i cant make much sense out of the dubbed versions of harry potter and family guy that ive seen but it was still fun.

shows start tomorrow. if we should visit anywhere in the places we're playing (hamburg, berlin, cologne, utrecht, gronigen and rotterdam), get in touch!


Sunday, 4 January 2009

2008 in Pictures: Part 2 (Ed's camera)

back in the studio... we return to the studio with hysterics producer/all round hero jason sanderson. we're recording the tracks will will make up the bulk of our singles club for the year. its nice to be back here making more music and the prospect of hearing what we've put together is quite exciting. i think there'll be some updates/pictures over the next few days.