Friday, 29 May 2009

Shows with Gallows in Ireland...

The day before the trip to Ireland, i visited Nottingham for Dot to Dot festival! It was a super sunny bank holiday weekend. I caught the train down on the Sunday. It was an awfully uncomfortable ride. But meeting this guy made up for it...

Dot to Dot was mint. Most notably, i saw 65 Days of Static, Pulled Apart by Horses (thanks for the free entry guys!) and Cursive who i had wanted to see for years and years but never had chance to. All three were mint, as was Petebox.

Right after Cursive, James reappeared with a load of glitter on his face?!? This must have been at about Midnight?

4 hours later, we're at James' place waiting for the taxi to take us to the airport. James still has a glittered face, and is also pretty wasted. The other 3 Tomassis (Eva, Joe and Joe) had arrived by car a few hours earlier. We decided not to sleep at all over night and managed to see the sun rise over beautiful Sneinton.

The taxi didn't turn up. So we had to book another one.

Did i mention that this was the first time in ages we had travelled without our tour manager Finian?

this is finian

So we were left to our own devices, rushing like hell to check too many items of luggage onto our wooden ryanair plane, panicking about weight limits etc. That was fine. What wasn't fine was James losing his boarding pass! Having had our bags checked, we legged it to the gate through loads of perfume shops with loads of mirrors! When we reached the gate, James realised what he was missing. So, fresh from the previous night, covered in glitter, James had to scour the floor of East Midlands airport for his boarding pass. Sure enough he found it on the floor somewhere! And we made it on to the plane.

Upon arrival in Belfast, after the worst landing of a plane since my Birthday a few years ago, the time was 7.30 am. And luckily for us, our taxi dropped us outside the evening's venue 'Limelight' just as the cleaners were opening up. Amazing. We slept on our tiny dressing room floor.

The show itself in Belfast was great! The crowd were more than enthusiastic. However, our nights were cut short due to being so tired and stupid enough to not sleep at all the previous night.

Dublin! I've never looked around Dublin properly and we've been there 3 times now. This time was not really an exception. Again the show was awesome! Our set went swimmingly and then Gallows played one of the most enjoyable sets i have ever seen a band play!

Again, we were all pathetic and tired and had to go to bed early.

MASSIVE THANKS to Wounds! for lending us all their gear! We actually would not have been able to go over and do the shows without them. Check them out, they have shows over here pretty soon. Deadly!

Other thank yous go to Meesh, Nat, Gem and Grace for putting up with us until 4.45 on Monday morning, the taxi driver that turned up for us last minute, Wounds again, Gallows and their crew for having us! and of course, Finian and Duncan 'disorderly' Ladkin.

Ed x

Friday, 8 May 2009

This is why being on tour with your friends is the best fun ever.

The dream is over

Ok, so after what was one of the best 3 weeks we've ever had as a band, the Northern Alliance tour came to an end in Oxford on Monday. A huge thanks to everyone who came down and gave the show a totally awesome party atmosphere. An even bigger thanks to Grammatics and Horses. It simply wouldn't have been the same without them. Pics and vids to appear as we have them

For the rest of the month we have a bunch of shows with Gallows, including another trip to Ireland!! Then, festival season starts. We're playing lots. Check our Myspace profile to see the constant stream of new dates appearing.

Finally, Ill be DJ'ing at 7 in Nottingham on May 21st. Brontide will be playing live and they're our bro's so come down yeah? If you want to book RT DJ's for your clubnight/​house party/etc e-mail jamestomassi@​gmail.​com and we'll work something out. Good fucking times.

Take Care,