Saturday, 29 November 2008

do you dub(lin)?

so we made it back from ireland in one piece, although pieces of us were left behind...
a few of us got a bit too excited and maybe drank too much. this resulted in one case with vomit on the side of our van. it was pretty funny i think.

but yeah, more to the point, we would like to say a huge thankyou to foals for taking us over to ireland with them. it was personally my first time even visiting dublin and belfast so to go play shows there was an awesome experience.

we will definitly look to return next year and hopefully do some headline shows.

thanks to alex, fin and tom for completing the tomassi road experience yet again and to all the lovely people we met, hung out with, talked music with and danced with.

pictures to follow soon.


Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Sup, Ed Tomassi's First Blog

I'm breaking a trend. James has done a great job so far in being the only Tomassi blogger. From now on, i will join him in letting everyone know what we have been up to.

This month has seen up play shows almost every weekend, with two more weekends of show to come! This leaves us all with a lot of free time during the week. James knocks about in Nottingham now, and this week the Joes have gone to Oxford and Edinburgh to visit relevant girlfriends, while Eva has been sewing at home in her room. I have done several things.

Firstly, I was bored a few weeks ago and bought an xbox 360 with pro-evolution soccer 2009. It's brilliant. I am getting quite good at it and will be taking challenges on xbox live early next year. If anyone wants to get beaten, let me know.

Also, last night was gig crazy in Sheffield! Youthmovies, Dananananaykroyd and Fucked Up were all in town. I had to apologise to the Youthmovies men and go to the Danan... show in order to see Calf by Calf and Pulled Apart by Horses support. It was sweet! Youthmovies DJ'd after the show, and a lot of really good dancing happened. Best dancers of the night were Nat and Graham. Hugh was a close third.

So yeah, bring on this weekend. I am well excited for GenghisTron, Behold the Arctopus and The Network on Saturday. It could possibly be the best show ever.

Bye for now.



Friday, 14 November 2008

DJ Set on Monday


I'll be playing songs between 10.30pm-11pm and then 11.30pm til close.
Three Trapped Tigers are well worth checking out too!

Monday, 10 November 2008


in 3 and a half years of touring we have been incredibly fortunate to have never had a problem with a van whilst we've been on the road. that was until last night. after finishing up at hokaben festival in london, we loaded up and headed north. all was fine. we needed fuel so we stopped at northampton, pretty much exactly halfway between london and sheffield. everyone got out, used the services and got back in the van as normal. then it wouldn't start. bearing in mind none of us have much experience with vehicles ourselves, we had little to no idea what to do.

fortunately, a guy in a breakdown recovery sort of van was parked near us. we tried a push start to no avail. he did all he could and left (it was 1.30am). we rang bean's dad, whose van it is, and asked his advice. we waited and tried again and it got to about 2.30am. we then pushed the van from the service area into the petrol station to fill up and see if that helped. it didn't. we called martyn again and he got out of bed and drove down in another van to try help.

whilst waiting, to entertain ourselves, we played a few games which i'd recommend if you ever get stuck. one person went into the petrol station, hid an item and everyone then had to go in and try and find it. the attendant looked a little freaked out but indulged our primitive form of entertainment. 

i eventually went to sleep (probably the most sensible thing to do at whatever time past 3am it was. martyn eventually appeared and with his superior knowledge of automobiles, sorted it out. this was at 5am. we got home at 7am. brutal.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

oh, what up internet?

holy shit.

long time no update. basically, ive not had regular internet access recently. despite not being on tour a few cool things have happened. firstly, our music video was finished! you can watch it below. i would suggest viewing it in high quality.

whilst i usually don't really care about peoples comments on our band online, there were a few things posted about the video that i wanted to clear up. firstly, we made the video because we thought it would be fun. it was done as a favour by a friend of a friend. we had no preconceptions as to how it would come out afterwards and are all really happy with the end result. it wasn't all posed and none of it was rehearsed. we simply put on a free all ages show locally (something we haven't done for SOOO long), invited our friends and made a night of it. its a pretty foreign thing for a band like ourselves to do a video so we wanted it to be as much of a normal show as possible. we all think the guys who filmed it did a sweet job in capturing that. so yeah, watch it and tell us what you think.

in other news, eva is 'officially' cool now. said the NME. read their blog here.

more shows and hopefully new jams on their way soon.