Monday, 29 June 2009

Album number two.

Hello All.
I write this in a house that is being packed down in Nottingham. The lease is up and me and my housemates are moving on. I've lived here for the last 9 months and its been absolutely amazing. Im very fortunate to have found incredibly sympathetic employers who have been nothing but supportive of our hectic touring schedule which has meant me disappearing for weeks on end. All that said, in terms of us getting new material written, me living 50 miles from the others has been fairly counter productive so, for the summer, Im moving back to Sheffield so we can concentrate on writing our new record.

It hasn't been discussed outside of the band much but we're now ready and focused in terms of writing. We have a lot of ideas, some skeletons of songs, some killer new equipment and the desire and drive to make the best possible sophomore album we can make. I'd talk about what its going to sound like but until its actually written fully I couldn't properly put it into words without just using a load of bullshit expletives. So just prepare yourself.


In other news we bought one of those flip video cameras so we'll hopefully be filming some 'hilarious' scenes and making 'totally pro edited' footage from our travels around the festivals we're doing this summer. Zing.

James xx

Thursday, 25 June 2009

New 7" Details announced...

Rolo Tomassi/Throats split 7” vinyl unleashed August 3rd on Holy Roar Records / Hassle

Holy Roar Records and Hassle are proud to present a unique collaboration between the two labels – a split 7” vinyl co-released between Hassle and Holy Roar Records featuring Rolo Tomassi and Throats. However, rather than simply present album tracks, b-sides or the like, both bands have recorded covers of the others work. Rolo Tomassi add synthscapes and haunting vocals to a medley of ‘Headclouds/Reign of Low’ whilst Throats turn ‘I Love Turbulence’ into a caustic blackmetalsludge nightmare.

Strictly limited to 500 copies, 250 copies will come in Hassle packaging (direct from Hassle only, natch) whilst the other 250 will be in Holy Roar packaging (available direct from, surprise surprise, Holy Roar). Buy both to have all versions of this release!

This release also forms the third part of the Rolo Tomassi Subs Club. All existing members will, of course, receive this as part of the subscription. The Subs club is still available from the Hassle webstore and already includes split vinyl releases with The Bronx/Fucked Up and Cancer Bats.

Monday, 15 June 2009



Its that time of year again when Kerrang! start the voting for their awards in August.
This year, we need all of you to help us win the Best British Newcomer.

Alls you have to do is go to: and type ROLO TOMASSI in as Best British Newcomer. Pretty easy right?!

Get your friends, family, grandparents ANYONE YOU CAN to vote for us. We're counting on your support to make this happen!

James Tomassi

Monday, 1 June 2009


Ok, so I might be a little late upon posting this as its been news for a while. The magazine Plan B will unfortunately not be pressed anymore. Whilst it will still continue to have online content (, physical copies of what was perhaps the most interesting and eclectic of all UK music magazines won't be available. We'd all like to say a huge thanks to everyone involved with the magazine in taking such a huge chance on our band and putting on the cover of their magazine prior to Hysterics being released. It was amazing for us and we sincerely appreciated it.

The final issue is out next Monday I think.
Plan B R.I.P