Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Touring, Festivals etc.

Still on the road, still having fun.
Bristol last night was INSANE. Cheers if you came and danced, all the three bands had an absolute ball. This was then followed by a little aftershow hangout at Tom Horses bro's house. It was fun. We played Buzz It.

Watch the first of the tour videos by clicking here. Theres also some pictures of ourselves and Grammatics from the Sheffield show on there.

We're also VERY VERY excited to announce we'll be playing at Dour Festival and Pukklepop in Belgium. The line-ups for both of those are great so check it out and lets have a massive party. Or something to that effect.

Cardiff tonight and the touring circus continues for another week. Get on it.


Monday, 27 April 2009

Irish jaunt almost over

I write this entry from a hotel room just outside of Dublin on a rare day off in the Tomassi tour schedule.

Last night we played our last Irish show as part of this tour in Dublin and we have to wait til tomorrow for our ferry back across to the UK to rejoin Grammatics and the Horses for the last week of the Northern Alliance tour. Whilst we've only played to modest crowds over here, the people that have been to the shows and that we've gotten to hang out with have been super sweet! The show in LImerick was incredibly fun. An all ages crowd with people as young as 12(!) getting involved with human pyramids and everyone in the audience being really forthcoming afterwards. A big shout out to Leah and Aoefi for taking out myself, Ed, Joe and Bean after the gig as well. We had a blast!

A running theme for this leg of the tour has been really early mornings and really late nights and having had to get up at stupid o'clock on several occasions, we had to play at 12.30am in Cork. Cancer Bats played a small venue across down and I would have made the effort to get across had I not been so exhausted. We scored some sweet food during the day at this cool restaurant. Food is expensive in Ireland though and my lack of Euros has hit my stomach hard on a few occasions. Props to Bean for lending me money. Yeah.

Last night we played Dublin and now, as aforementioned, Im in a hotel room pondering what to do with my day off. Any thoughts, please comment. I still have the majority of the day left to waste.

The first in a series of tour videos shot by Mr James Brown will appear on shortly. Watch that space.


Friday, 24 April 2009

There were a group of young kids from Sheffield...

Hello All.
A huge thanks to those of you who have made it out to shows so far. We're having an amazing time with Grammatics and the Horses (James Brown returns!) but are currently alone in Ireland. Last night we played Belfast with the mighty Cancer Bats who were absolutely incredible and tonight we'll be playing our first ever Irish headline show in Limerick. We can't wait. We have two more Irish shows in Cork and Dublin then return to England to wrap things up on the Northern Alliance tour and tear up Brighton with Gallows.

If you've been to any shows, we'd love to hear what you thought, see photos etc.
If we haven't been to your town/city yet, expect serious good times. Tell us where we should go in the day, tell us where we can party at night etc. We're at the halfway point on our longest headline tour to date and we're still ready for more.

Here are some things which have happened already, starting with a sweet video of a new Rolo Tomassi offshoot; Bitch Waltz.

Me, Joe and Si outside some important building in Belfast.

RT, Grammatics & The Horses. Plus these two stoners. I have no idea where they came from.

Much Love,

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Oh, Hello Video

Directed by Jonny Carter.

Monday, 20 April 2009

It continues...

So we've almost been on the road for a week and we're holding up ok! The last few days in particular have been amazing fun. The Horses have joined us but alas, no James Brown. Sam Pryor is doing a great job as his stand in though and has some of the best facial hair you'll see this year.

Since the last entry we've torn up Nottingham, Manchester and Leeds. Living in Notts, I had a great time going back and getting to hang out in my house. I also got the broken key on my Synth fixed and I apologise if you were at one of the shows where it 'sounded a bit weird'. My mum told me it was really noticeable... But yeah, it was basically just dead dirty inside. Due to my intense naivety with electronics I literally paid a man £20 to just clean it. I need to learn about these kind of things so I can stop haemorrahging money.

We still have a good amount of time left on this tour and personally, Im well excited. Pictures will gradually appear and the entries on this blog may look a bit less dull.

Middlesborough tonight!


Thursday, 16 April 2009


Day 3 brings us to Wrexham. Last night we played our hometown of Sheffield to family, friends and others alike. It was a nice enough. We played Fantasia for the first time in a long time and the only real issue was an out of tune synth (woops). Prior to that all eyes (in our and Grammatics dressing rooms had been on both Champions League matches. Suffice to say, I was dead chuffed with a 3-0 Arsenal win and with Owen Grammatics being a United fan, semi-final night when we play Cardiff could be interesting...

See you later Villareal.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

On tour now!

Our tour started yesterday in Leicester and we had a great first night. Thanks to everyone that came down, chatted and danced. Also a big shout out to Simon and Duncan, the new members of our touring party and to the Grammatics folk. They put on a killer show last night and I cant wait to watch them nightly for the next three weeks.

Unfortunately the Horses couldn't make last night due to James Brown's (yep, their guitarist is GENUINELY called that) infected knee but we hope they can rejoin us soon and wish James a speedy recovery.

We're in Sheffield tonight and are on the road for the next 3 weeks. Check the posts below for dates. We have our new 7" with Cancer Bats with us as well as a shit tonne of merch so help us free up some space in the van!

See you at the front.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Synth Scare

Last weekend we set up to practice and my synth blew a fuse. It was assumed this would be an easy thing to fix, so we bought some more fuses and replaced it. That then blew too. One by one, several of the fuses we had bought had blown and it seemed that something was not right. We took it to a specialist synth man (me? electronix? NO WAY!) and he told us we'd blown the transformer. Again, this would be an easy thing to fix, had the synth not been made 30ish years ago. He couldnt get the part in time for our tour which started in less than a week.

Frantically, I searched for a replacement to no avail. Eventually, I decided I'd have to borrow something to use for this tour and hope I could get it repaired elsewhere whilst we were away. My excellent friend Sam Scott (of Youthmovies and Jonquil fame) agreed to lend me the Youthmovies Moog Rogue. This would have been fine although certain things weren't quite the same and it would take some getting used to. As it was total last resort and I had no other option, I went to Oxford on Good Friday and collected it. Took it home to practice and it just wasn't having any of it. Started to panic. Tried using a second MicroKorg and it sounded balls. Tried using a Yamaha Portasound keyboard. Terrible idea. All the while, my wonderful CS5 just stared at me in all its broken glory.

I started trying to hunt something down on the internet. Nothing on eBay. A few old listings on stuff like Gumtree. I had really started to worry earlier today when I thought I'd have one last check on Google. To my complete suprise, one turned up. It was in Bournemouth, a bit of a mission but do-able. I immediately contacted the seller and waited patiently. Within 2 hours or so he had replied and a pick up by our tour manager/soundman extrodinaire Finian had been arranged. Thank fuck.

So yeah, whilst it hadn't really been documented (other than updates off my Facebook) for a while I was really really worried that our tour, or at least my part in it, would have been ruined but thank god for the internet and its ability to let my shopping grasp reach across the country.

Thanks to Ian (seller, total dude by the sounds) and Finian for collecting it.

See you on the road.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009



Now we're all back and have totally gathered ourselves after the sensationally good time in Austin, we have some business to attend to. I'm sure you all know we are about to head out on an amazing tour....."THE NORTHERN ALLIANCE TOUR" (no offence you lot from't south but we thought of it and it made us laugh. That's how we roll... Deal with it).

Pulled Apart by Horses and Grammatics (both from Leeds) will be joining us!

Also, Leeds (and sort of Norwich) based Holy State are to be playing the Leeds show at the Faversham. As usually goes for the bands we play with, they are swell. I played with them when I drummed for Throats in London back in January. Most impressive.

For the duration of "The Northern Alliance Tour", we will have our beautiful range of merch. Get inquisitive with it. We are almost sold out of BLUE 12" LP version of our self-titled EP. The totally wicked Danger! Laser! Phaser! Razor! records have sent us a few more copies. So if you want it, come and get it.

And of course, if you grab yo tickets in advance, you get a rad Rolo Tomassi live at Eurosonic EP. So come to a show.


14th Leicester The Musician - Buy Tickets
15th Sheffield The Plug - Buy Tickets
16th Wrexham Central Station - Buy Tickets
17th Nottingham The Bodega - Buy Tickets
18th Manchester Satans Hollow - Buy Tickets
19th Leeds The Faversham - Buy Tickets
20th Middlesborough Uncle Alberts - Buy Tickets
21st Liverpool Barfly - Buy Tickets
22nd Glasgow Stereo - Buy Tickets
23rd Belfast Auntie Annies - Buy Tickets
24th Limerick Dolans (Upstairs) - Buy Tickets
25th Cork Cyprus Avenue - Buy Tickets
26th Dublin Academy 2- Buy Tickets
28th Bristol Croft - Buy Tickets
29th Cardiff Barfly - Buy Tickets
30th Exeter Cavern - Buy Tickets

1st Bournemouth Gander - Buy Tickets
2nd Brighton Concorde 2 (SUPPORTING GALLOWS) - Buy Tickets
3rd Southampton Joiners - Buy Tickets
4th Oxford Academy 3 - Buy Tickets

Ed Tomassi