Wednesday, 14 October 2009


So we've started using tumblr now. It looks better and more people seem to be following it...
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Friday, 25 September 2009



Rolo Tomassi DJ sets this week!!

Saturday 26th September
Nation of Shopkeepers, Leeds


Doors 8pm
FREE entry before 10pm
£3/£2 afterwards


Wednesday 30th September
Tiger Lounge, Manchester



£2 entry

Also, our very own Ed Tomassi has began a task that we've had in mind since the start of summer! We purchased one of those Flip Cameras with the intention of documenting our summer travels! Ed has put together the first in what will be a series of awesome video montages. This one starts at the beginning of course. Nova Rock in June. More of these to follow...

Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Alright so this is largely copied from the release that was sent out but its worded fairly well so here it is again...

"Saturday 3rd October
SEXBEAT presents End Hysterics, in association with Holy Roar and Fear & Records.
The Rest Is Noise
442 Brixton Road

Playing live:
Rolo Tomassi
Pulled Apart By Horses

With special guest DJs including Blood Red Shoes, Goldsmiths WI and more

From 8pm – 3am | £5 adv entry

Thursday 8th October
Iron Wagon presents End Hysterics, in association with Sexbeat, Holy Roar and Fear & Records
The Brudenell Social Club
The Club House
33 Queens Road

Playing Live:
Rolo Tomassi
Special Guests
Holy State

With special guest DJs including Grammatics and plenty more @ the aftershow party at the Nation of Shopkeepers

From 8pm – 2am | £8 adv entry

These special shows are last time the we will play London and Leeds until 2010 as part of two exclusive North / South UK shows before we go to the United States to record our second album. We've chosen support bands that made a huge contribution to our last few tours.

There will be exclusive merchandise at the event including a limited release and t-shirt that will not be available anywhere else."

Buy tickets from HERE

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Summer of love

More videos and photos to follow, but for now, we have a sweet feature in this months Front which documents what we did at Sonisphere and below is a mental video from Lowlands last weekend.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

I love 'the kids'

What a weekend! Infact, what a summer we've been having!

Seriously. Im not sure what we'd anticipated our summer to be like at the start of the year but so far its surpassed any kind of preconception I could have ever possibly had. Getting to travel to different places in different countries most weekends from the start of June has been absolutely incredible and for this, we thank every single person who has come to watch our band, bought our shirts, said hello and hung out. We all recognise how important the people who have come to our shows have been in making summer '09 a truly unforgettable experience thus far with more to come in the next few weeks!

We played our two biggest UK shows of the summer in the weekend just passed at Sonisphere and Underage Festivals. Sonisphere was such fun. Despite shitty weather we had a killer and chaotic day. We arrived on site, met up with our friends who'd travelled down and got food. We did an hour and a halfs worth of press, notably (and this went on all day) documenting our festival experience for Front Magazine. They gave us a bunch of disposable cameras and got us to take pictures of ourselves hanging out at the festival. Hopefully, it'll come out ok. I think the feature runs next month. Photographer extradinaire Tom Barnes came and took our pictures before we played, when we were playing and after and it looks AWESOME. But yeah, notable points of the day include;

* - Being interviewed by Adam 'Taking Back Sunday' Lazarra as soon as we stepped out of our van. A surreal and spontaneous moment. We kept bumping into him for the rest of the day.

* - Getting wristbands for a FREE BAR. Thats right, all the booze we could drink. It was sweet.

* - Ed meeting Corey Taylor from Slipknot. Pictoral evidence exists.

* - Playing; total carnage.

We stayed at our manager Petes house after (thanks Pete) and had a super early start for Underage the next day. We arrived at 10.30am and could see loads and loads of super excited kids waiting to get in. We got escorted to our stage, this huge outdoor beast and then just chilled out in the artist area for a bit. I managed to get my mum into the festival on the day which she was pleased about. Our set here was intense. So many people going ballistic. I swear the best thing about this festival is just how totally up for having the best possible time everyone is. We got a conga line going and I tried crowdsurfing a few times but just got totally ragged to the floor haha. My jeans and underwear got pulled down and I was exposd (!) but managed to do my best to not ruin any 14-18 year olds lives with a retina burning image of my naked behind. Props to the security at this festival for being totally sweet and not too involved as I've seen them at some shows. They let things happen, did their job properly and held me up when I stood on the barrier. Respect. After we played it was a weird one as we weren't allowed into the strictly 18 and under main arena so we just chilled out and did some minor celebrity spotting which we all enjoyed and made human bodies from the abundance of Maoam that had been left at the table we ate at.

Total props to everyone and everything. We play Poland this weekend. Im excited.
Here are some videos from this weekend I saw on Youtube. Thanks to whoever shot them.


p.s writing is going well!

Saturday, 25 July 2009

A couple of important thankyous!

The last week has been such a busy one! We have played at 4 festivals in 3 different countries. Lots of traveling, either by van or plane.

First up, 2000 Trees was a lot of fun! We turned up to pouring rain and mud. And didn't feel like getting out of the van. However, we put our wellies on, took to the stage and played a rager! It was loads of fun. I (Ed) took part in a drumming study, organised by Simon de la Rue of the University of Gloucestershire. Basically, if i was to play an hour long Rolo Tomassi set, i would burn 900 calories! I may be taking part in further data collection for this, so will keep you posted.

Next! Dour! Dour was a nice little village. We ate some sweet pizza there one night. It was good to see some old guard Tomassi family members Ellen (Holy Roar), Mike Diver and Dean Robot Ham. It seemed we were on a bit of a roll and played another sweet show and had a lot of fun! After the show, myself and Eva went to free massages. Very nice.

The drive home the next day was fairly painless. We all slept in our own beds and flew Milan on Tuesday. Then we arrived to find we were in an awesome hotel! Joe T and I had the best room with a double balcony. Parklife festival was a blast! I must thank everyone there who made us feel welcome! None of us spoke good Italian at all. James was able to exchange a few pleasantries. I do regret not taking the advice of a gentleman who offered me some mosquito repellent. James, Eva, Finian and myself are bitten so badly that 3 days on i still have loads of red dots covering my body.

And finally, last night in Sheffield at Tramlines festival. Our previous show in Sheffield was, in all honesty, disappointing. So we were well up for stepping up our game at Corp. It was amazing to see so many people there and a nearly full big room! Thank you to everyone who attended. I must say, we didn't have the best of luck on stage. But it certainly made us eagerly anticipate our next home town show and make it even better!

Peace out for now, enjoy the sun?


Friday, 17 July 2009

On and On and On

Despite actually having a fair bit of stuff to say and having plenty of time to say it; recently this blog has been somewhat neglected. Apologies.

So we've been on the road a fair bit, around Europe mostly. We've had the pleasure of visiting France, Holland, Austria and this weekend we're off to Belgium. We've been filming loads of it on our new little camera. I think initially we'd planned to do little edits inbetween shows but that was pretty unrealistic considering we didnt have long inbetween shows/we've been practicing most waking hours/we're all a little bit lazy and not that savvy when it comes to making short films. So yeah, expect a mega montage of all the summer at the end of the summer and little bits, as and when its sorted.

Today we're doing our first UK festival this summer(!) and rather predictably, its raining... Maybe if you're not coming to this festival you could go to the cinema but I warn you, Ed said the new Harry Potter film isn't that good. This may have been because he read the book the night before and was more aware of the glaring errors in all the HP book to film transitions. It should be pointed out that we watched all 5 films during 2 days of travelling a few weekends ago. It was awesome.