Tuesday, 4 November 2008

oh, what up internet?

holy shit.

long time no update. basically, ive not had regular internet access recently. despite not being on tour a few cool things have happened. firstly, our music video was finished! you can watch it below. i would suggest viewing it in high quality.

whilst i usually don't really care about peoples comments on our band online, there were a few things posted about the video that i wanted to clear up. firstly, we made the video because we thought it would be fun. it was done as a favour by a friend of a friend. we had no preconceptions as to how it would come out afterwards and are all really happy with the end result. it wasn't all posed and none of it was rehearsed. we simply put on a free all ages show locally (something we haven't done for SOOO long), invited our friends and made a night of it. its a pretty foreign thing for a band like ourselves to do a video so we wanted it to be as much of a normal show as possible. we all think the guys who filmed it did a sweet job in capturing that. so yeah, watch it and tell us what you think.

in other news, eva is 'officially' cool now. said the NME. read their blog here.

more shows and hopefully new jams on their way soon.


graimito said...

Sorry, but screw the NME!

I mean, I know their mention will make you loads of money, but fuck 'em, and beware their hype. It's ruined too many potentially good bands.

graimito said...

Oh, great video by the way. I left a (positive!) comment.

Alex said...

being mentioned by NME will not make the band any money.

graimito said...

No? I would have thought that a positive mention by the UK's most popular music magazine (even on their blog) would = more publicity, which would potentially = more money.

Maybe I should have put in a "might" in front of "make you loads of money".