Friday, 6 February 2009

Joe T's First Blog: The Snow, A Bass, Talisman

At the beginning of this week the UK experienced it's first proper snow since... a long time, much to the joy of everyone except people who don't like smiling. Having had no contact with 'the other Joe' since we got back from Europe (he had been in Scotland visiting his woman), it was nice that his first words to me were "are we playing in the snow then?" or something along those lines,
We collected our esteemed friend Thomas Saunders from his house and went to a steep hill that I went sledging on the last time it properly snowed, built a ramp and generally had a good time. The following day, this time with Ed, we built some forts on the basketball court by our primary school and a battle reminiscent of The Siege at Helm's Deep ensued, with no clear victors and everyone dead, we went to our respective houses in time for tea, which in mine and tom's case was the Food of The Gods (vegetable curry).

Needless to say the snow hinders Tomassi by providing masses of freezing cold enjoyment.

I'm going to stop writing like this now because I'd like to bring up my first a serious matter. I'd really like to own a Peavey T-40 Bass. They're discontinued so if anyone can help me find one by telling me they've seen one in a shop/have one for sale/know someone selling one it'd be massively appreciated. I've uploaded a picture of one but if it's not showing up just google image it.

The second serious matter is... very serious. As young men, myself, Joe N, Ed and Tom should be expanding our minds and horizons, at least 3 of us should be practicing instruments either together or alone, working to get some money together or trying to finally complete final fantasy 12.

But recently Tom uttered these fateful words to me: "do you want to play Talisman at Michael's?" Talisman is a board game, similar to monopoly but with the added attraction of becoming a massively powerful wizard/warrior/whatever... actually just read this

anyway, i think in the last week I've played this game for at least 12 hours in the company of Joe, Ed and Tom and although I enjoy it it stops me from sleeping as the games last until 2/3 am and Tom always wins.

so that's what we've been doing instead of productive stuff so if our next release is rubbish/fantasy themed you know where we went wrong.

Also Eva was on the cover of Rocksound magazine, backing up her role as '4th most inspirational female' and a Tomassi landmark as being probably our biggest UK press bits yet.

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