Tuesday, 29 July 2008

in the summer time...

...we sit around and wait for our record to come out so we can tour again. eva is on holiday and the rest of us are at home, enjoying the heat and trying to be as productive as possible.

in recent news, we came second in the second annual BSM 5-a-side football tournament. we entered a team comprising of half tomassi and half mirror!mirror! and did pretty well considering how good some of the competition was.

first hysterics review appeared online here. still another 6 or so weeks til it comes out and we're literally counting down the days.

shows this month:
9th - wolverhampton, civic hall (onstage at 8pm!)
12th - nottingham, the maze
18th - london, camden barfly

our summer in pictures will appear soon.
easy now.

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Anonymous said...

after reading that on thrash hits and seeing comments on dis about the album i'm super-duper excited for it.

and ya know how much better everyone's summer will be if rolo tomassi play reading/leeds (: