Sunday, 10 August 2008

a week in the world of...

so this week we went down to london to do some press for the release of our album.

it was a pretty gruelling two days but we got to speak to a lot of interesting people and hopefully answer all the questions that people might have to ask us. theres some really cool features planned so keep yr eyes peeled over the next few weeks if you want to see what we have to say about our record and ourselves.

hassle will be hosting a track by track explanation about hysterics which was a lot of fun. take the majority of whats said with a pinch of salt and try and ignore how haggered we probably look!

on thursday night we got to go see some pretty cool bands at the macbeth in hoxton. white williams and zombie zombie notably stood out for me. it was also great to see some friends; tom throats, steph gallows, steve lovvers, the no pain in pop crew and plenty of others.

yesterday we played summerslam in wolverhampton. a bit of a weird one and we didnt fit the bill too well BUT it was a good day, we got treated really well and got to hang out with some bands we've met before. big shout outs to furthest drive home and we are the ocean for being dead nice. our set was perhaps a little rusty so apologies for anyone that came to see us. we'll be back later in the year in much more razor sharp form i would hope. thanks to the kids who dance, the kids who threw things at us and the kid RIGHT at the front who called me a wanker. much appreciated!

final bit of news. we have a mailing list now and you will be rewarded for signing up to it by getting access to a free download of scabs from hysterics. visit and add yr address to our list to get scabs and get excited. buzzing.


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