Wednesday, 20 August 2008

london times

we spent the last 2 days in london.

monday night we played a kerrang awards show with you me at six. they were an absolute pleasure to be in the company of, as always, and put on a good show. it was a bit of a strange one (again) for us, as we were playing to their fans who were totally dedicated. some had been there since 10am apparently! the set went down better than anticipated. i thought id be all punx and try pull off a stage dive, no one caught me and a landed on my back in the middle of the crowd. rock'n'roll or something... was very very funny in hindsight and id had just enough carlsberg to not really feel the fall.

tuesday, we hung out at alex holy roars flat til the early afternoon, got a parking ticket and played lots of multi-player DS tetris. i got loads of new music to listen to off al's mac which i was particularly pleased about. we headed to camden to meet up with the throats boys before their show at the underworld with gallows. throats seem to have the worst luck ever! weeks after having to cancel a tour due to van issues, their van broke down again on the way to london leaving their guitarist mark stranded. after several phone calls he eventually made his way down on the train and got a taxi to the venue. we lent them some gear and they went on and played one of the best live sets ive seen all year. i dont know if it was because of how pissed off they all were or what but the passion and intensity of the performance was something ive not seen for a long time. i had a lot of respect for them for doing everything to get down to play the show. we'd have probably given up at the broken down van but they persisted and it was all worth it. i literally cant wait to share a stage with them for a week in september/october.

so yeah, london=fundon. we're all off to leeds festival this weekend and no doubt will have some words to write down when we get home.

easy now,

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