Sunday, 19 October 2008


yeah the last few days have been pretty sweet.

we played our best manchester show pretty much ever at the academy! killer sound (thanks fin), awesome lights and i had a lot of fun. was really cool to see some crowd movement during our set too! i think we've all been a little suprised with the good reaction with had from some of the blood red shoes crowd.

friday we played brainwash festival in leeds, headlining at royal park cellars. it was forward russia's last show for a while next door at the brudenell (same festival, alternating venues) so loads of people were about. it was great to catch up with some bands and folk and i had a good time playing. some pretty interesting events prior to the show:

1) on the way to the show we had a scrape in the van. alex got a bit upset (totally justified) but fortunately the van still works fine. the damage was purely superficial.

2) on the way to our friend robyns flat prior to the gig, some wasted guy was lighting fireworks in the street and having a wicked time. it was pretty funny until he put one next to an electrics box and it shot across the road and missed me an eva by millimetres. potentially catostrophic!

following the show we drove to joe n's girlfriends flat in edinburgh and slept, got up and drove to aberdeen. brutal.

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