Sunday, 14 December 2008

4 days in

to yet another tour!
we had a couple of days in LDN before we started to sort out various tomassi bits. this included a BBC session for huw stephens that included a xmas cover of east 17's stay another day. i don't know if its aired yet but if it has you can listen back here.

after we did that we went down to rak studios to do some backing vocals on the new gallows record. we got to record with gggarth who's done stuff for rage against the machine. not bad. unfortunately though i screamed myself hoarse and have consequently lost my voice. i can speak ok but the last few shows haven't been amazing. nevermind.

we joined foals in oxford on thursday as support at the first of their oxford homecoming shows. this was really fun. everyone was in a really cool mood, the show was great and the aftershow stuff was a blast. cough medicine DOES work as a mixer with vodka.

we're now 2 days into our tour with the ghost of a thousand. today is exeter. good food, ok weather, pleasant times.


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Sid said...

Saw you guys in Oxford on the 11th, thought you were awesome! Really impressed. Your album is definatley one of the best for me this year. (I'm compiling my blog's end of year album list, yours will deffo be in top 5)

Anyway hope to see you again soon, keep up the good work.