Tuesday, 16 December 2008

plans for 2009...

we have some pretty exciting plans for next year.

firstly, we'll be embarking on our first trips to germany and the netherlands in january, playing at eurosonic festival on our way. we'll then join the bronx and fucked up for the shred yr face 2 tour in the UK. sweet bill, eh?

this is potentially the most exciting thing we have going on though; a singles club! in 2009 we'll be releasing 4 exclusive 7"s containing new and exclusive material. whilst i can't divulge too much right now, expect splits, covers and sweeeet remixes. you can pre-order this now from here for a reasonable £16. get involved.



izza soraya said...

the singles club sounds like so much fun, ill probably join in as a christmas present for myself!
also, the bronx.. sweeeeeet!
pretty gutted about eurosonic! sold out before i knew you would come and play it, tickets are like a thousand pounds right now. :( but yeah, eurosonic is always fun, something to look forward to. so yeah, ramble, ill probably be at the show in utrecht then!

Jamie said...

on tour with fucked up and the bronx?! that tour is going to kick my ass!
p.s. knitted jumpers :D