Wednesday, 5 August 2009

I love 'the kids'

What a weekend! Infact, what a summer we've been having!

Seriously. Im not sure what we'd anticipated our summer to be like at the start of the year but so far its surpassed any kind of preconception I could have ever possibly had. Getting to travel to different places in different countries most weekends from the start of June has been absolutely incredible and for this, we thank every single person who has come to watch our band, bought our shirts, said hello and hung out. We all recognise how important the people who have come to our shows have been in making summer '09 a truly unforgettable experience thus far with more to come in the next few weeks!

We played our two biggest UK shows of the summer in the weekend just passed at Sonisphere and Underage Festivals. Sonisphere was such fun. Despite shitty weather we had a killer and chaotic day. We arrived on site, met up with our friends who'd travelled down and got food. We did an hour and a halfs worth of press, notably (and this went on all day) documenting our festival experience for Front Magazine. They gave us a bunch of disposable cameras and got us to take pictures of ourselves hanging out at the festival. Hopefully, it'll come out ok. I think the feature runs next month. Photographer extradinaire Tom Barnes came and took our pictures before we played, when we were playing and after and it looks AWESOME. But yeah, notable points of the day include;

* - Being interviewed by Adam 'Taking Back Sunday' Lazarra as soon as we stepped out of our van. A surreal and spontaneous moment. We kept bumping into him for the rest of the day.

* - Getting wristbands for a FREE BAR. Thats right, all the booze we could drink. It was sweet.

* - Ed meeting Corey Taylor from Slipknot. Pictoral evidence exists.

* - Playing; total carnage.

We stayed at our manager Petes house after (thanks Pete) and had a super early start for Underage the next day. We arrived at 10.30am and could see loads and loads of super excited kids waiting to get in. We got escorted to our stage, this huge outdoor beast and then just chilled out in the artist area for a bit. I managed to get my mum into the festival on the day which she was pleased about. Our set here was intense. So many people going ballistic. I swear the best thing about this festival is just how totally up for having the best possible time everyone is. We got a conga line going and I tried crowdsurfing a few times but just got totally ragged to the floor haha. My jeans and underwear got pulled down and I was exposd (!) but managed to do my best to not ruin any 14-18 year olds lives with a retina burning image of my naked behind. Props to the security at this festival for being totally sweet and not too involved as I've seen them at some shows. They let things happen, did their job properly and held me up when I stood on the barrier. Respect. After we played it was a weird one as we weren't allowed into the strictly 18 and under main arena so we just chilled out and did some minor celebrity spotting which we all enjoyed and made human bodies from the abundance of Maoam that had been left at the table we ate at.

Total props to everyone and everything. We play Poland this weekend. Im excited.
Here are some videos from this weekend I saw on Youtube. Thanks to whoever shot them.


p.s writing is going well!

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