Saturday, 25 July 2009

A couple of important thankyous!

The last week has been such a busy one! We have played at 4 festivals in 3 different countries. Lots of traveling, either by van or plane.

First up, 2000 Trees was a lot of fun! We turned up to pouring rain and mud. And didn't feel like getting out of the van. However, we put our wellies on, took to the stage and played a rager! It was loads of fun. I (Ed) took part in a drumming study, organised by Simon de la Rue of the University of Gloucestershire. Basically, if i was to play an hour long Rolo Tomassi set, i would burn 900 calories! I may be taking part in further data collection for this, so will keep you posted.

Next! Dour! Dour was a nice little village. We ate some sweet pizza there one night. It was good to see some old guard Tomassi family members Ellen (Holy Roar), Mike Diver and Dean Robot Ham. It seemed we were on a bit of a roll and played another sweet show and had a lot of fun! After the show, myself and Eva went to free massages. Very nice.

The drive home the next day was fairly painless. We all slept in our own beds and flew Milan on Tuesday. Then we arrived to find we were in an awesome hotel! Joe T and I had the best room with a double balcony. Parklife festival was a blast! I must thank everyone there who made us feel welcome! None of us spoke good Italian at all. James was able to exchange a few pleasantries. I do regret not taking the advice of a gentleman who offered me some mosquito repellent. James, Eva, Finian and myself are bitten so badly that 3 days on i still have loads of red dots covering my body.

And finally, last night in Sheffield at Tramlines festival. Our previous show in Sheffield was, in all honesty, disappointing. So we were well up for stepping up our game at Corp. It was amazing to see so many people there and a nearly full big room! Thank you to everyone who attended. I must say, we didn't have the best of luck on stage. But it certainly made us eagerly anticipate our next home town show and make it even better!

Peace out for now, enjoy the sun?


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Dale said...

Awesome little read! I can't stand the thought of mosquitos!