Friday, 17 July 2009

On and On and On

Despite actually having a fair bit of stuff to say and having plenty of time to say it; recently this blog has been somewhat neglected. Apologies.

So we've been on the road a fair bit, around Europe mostly. We've had the pleasure of visiting France, Holland, Austria and this weekend we're off to Belgium. We've been filming loads of it on our new little camera. I think initially we'd planned to do little edits inbetween shows but that was pretty unrealistic considering we didnt have long inbetween shows/we've been practicing most waking hours/we're all a little bit lazy and not that savvy when it comes to making short films. So yeah, expect a mega montage of all the summer at the end of the summer and little bits, as and when its sorted.

Today we're doing our first UK festival this summer(!) and rather predictably, its raining... Maybe if you're not coming to this festival you could go to the cinema but I warn you, Ed said the new Harry Potter film isn't that good. This may have been because he read the book the night before and was more aware of the glaring errors in all the HP book to film transitions. It should be pointed out that we watched all 5 films during 2 days of travelling a few weekends ago. It was awesome.


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