Saturday, 4 July 2009


This festival was AMAZING. Beautiful location, amazing line-up and the weather was insane. Its in a region of France called Belfort. Its a pretty quiet place all year round until the festival Im told. Its pretty odd, me and Joe N did a French exchange there when we were 15. Bizarre to go back and play the festival! I managed to meet up with my exchange student which was really awesome and we caught up with the Dananananaykroyd dudes briefly and got to hang out with The Bronx too. Im hoping to put together a video montage from this weekend (as well as one from Nova Rock last weekend) but for now heres a video of us playing Jealous Bones. More words to come on this festival when I can articulate better...


p.s my 'editing skills' are limited. Windows Movie Maker FTW.

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calum said...

nice video, wish i'd been there.
joe looks like a proper guitar legend at the start :)