Wednesday, 24 September 2008

hysterics tour - days 1 & 2

we're on tour again!
this time its a little different as we're touring in support of a release. its strange but thats something we've never done before. 

our album came out on monday and we started with a free show at the old blue last in london. we had been told to expect it to be busy-ish due to 'online reaction' to the fact we were doing a free launch show and other factors but i dont think anything could have prepared us for the amount of people that turned up. totally sardines. we had mirror! mirror! and the ghost frequency come down and play and they both put on excellent shows. we went on a little later than initially anticipated but fortunately, everyone stuck around...

we started playing and people were nodding. we hit a heavy bit and everything went a bit mad. alex 'holy roar' fitzpatrick began what became a running theme through the set - stage diving. im not sure we've ever had anyone stage dive to us before and it probably wont happen again but at this show, probably everyone that was anywhere near the front had a go. it was fun (although in places a little frustrating because of equipment getting unplugged/wet with booze) but we cant really complain. it all added to what was an amazingly fun night for us all. my personal highlight was having to tackle someone at the front, off the stage because he literally wouldnt get off and kept falling into joes guitar stuff. if there is any pictoral evidence of this particular move, i would be grateful to see it. also, it was pretty awesome to have a room full of people sing happy birthday to me. thanks a lot!

so yeah, we finished at the old blue, all sweat and smiles, and headed down to the macbeth where tiger (this is music london) had kindly arranged an afterparty. we hung out for a bit and caught up with various friends and i had a go at DJ'ing, controversially playing 'all the things she said' by tatu. i thought it went down pretty well (more DJ sets please!). it finished there at 2 and we tried our best to find more fun but ended up getting stuck waiting for buses. i got back to where i was staying in new cross at about 4.30am. nevermind.

we all convened the next day and made our way to bristol. in boring news, we were late because of traffic but all was ok when we got there. me and ed were particularly stoked that the promoter tim had provided us with a litre of vodka. this is the first time we have recieved vodka as part of our rider. good times. the show ran a little late and with an 11pm curfew, it wasnt looking so good when we started at 10.35pm BUT all was well and we managed to play a full set in the end. we made our way across to derby after the show to get matts van fixed and we're at his house now. his mum was really sweet and made us tea and coffee and loads of toast. exactly what was needed!

we have birmingham today and there will be updates every couple of days from different people.
keep fucking the idiots.


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