Monday, 29 September 2008

tour days 5 & 6

epic drive. i think i slept the majority of the way there or it just went really quickly. we've played upstairs in the bar of glasgow barfly so it was refreshing to find on arrival that we were playing the real venue downstairs. we set up and, as usual when in glasgow, went to monorail records. picked up the first los campesinos album (finally!) for a bargain £5.99. also bought endless summer by fennesz. definitly worth a listen. we had a bunch of press to do and one particularly nice gentleman had made us som 'aztec cookies'. amazing scenes. we love food so having them after eating some wicked veggie food at 13th note totally made my night.

personally, ive had mixed experiences of our times in scotland so to play to a really full room of people who seemed genuinely into what we were doing was really pleasant. its made me look forward to our scottish dates in october a lot more. driving master matt spalding decided he was up for the drive back home after so we went full speed ahead to sheffield. what a machine.

i was particularly looking forward to this show all week. i love the social as a venue and im moving to nottingham really soon so any time spent there gets me totally pumped up. we met up with friends and watched a dismal arsena performance against a hull team that fully deserved their victory. bad start to a good night...

our good buddies brontide opened up and played a wicked set they wear their influences proudly on their sleeves and if yr into bands like battles and russian circles, you should definitly check them out. what would be mirror!mirror!'s unintentionally last set of tour (more to follow...) was of the brilliant standard they'd set themselves all week. this band are rapidly on the rise and its been an absolutel pleasure to spend a week in their company.

as it was our last opportunity to fully extend our party arms with m!m! we all hit stealth vs rescue rooms after, accompanied by brontide and a whole host of friends. it was nice to have a few drinks, do a bit of disco dancing and generally have good times. we all stayed at different places and on the way back to where myself, ed and joe n stayed, party cohort tom warner decided it would be a good call to play a little joke on bean. recently, joe n has dscovered he's slightly intolerant to gluten so tom called bean up and said joe had bean rushed to hospital, we were all in a waiting room and that he would need to make his way to the square and await further instructions. this was followed by a series of texts between ed and bean, shown below:

ive just got called by tom warner. is mate alright? whats going on? x

basically the doc says his face is swollen like a bag of tsatsumas. hes in surgery. we're all in a&e. meet eva in the square. steve will get you a taxi from there x

jesus. what meet in the square tonight? i dont know where i am!

hes out now. doc says hes ok now. his face is only a golf bal per cheek. fins deliberating canceling york. what do you think? x

i dont mind. its up to mate see how he feels. i dont know how fast i could get to where you said to meet x

was this out of order? yes. what is funny? yes. was eds use of a letter t at the start of satsuma a stroke of genius? i thought so... but yeah. we're total dicks. in a bit nottingham x

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Paulifer said...

Ha. That was brilliant.
See you kids tomorrow.