Saturday, 27 September 2008

hysterics tour - days 3 & 4

after staying at matts on tuesday night, we headed to ikea. yes, ikea.
matt had been raving about their 75p veggie hot dogs and we had to check it out. it was definitly worth the detour. everyone filled up on super cheap food and we made our way to the barfly.

initially we had all thought we were in the smaller room upstairs so i was a little apprehensive about being told we were in the big room, especially considering there was literally no advertisement for our show. even so, we still got a good amount of folk down with a lot of help from the opening support your biggest fanclub. mirror!mirror! also totally killed it tonight. not sure if it was because it was a home-town(ish) show for the but they were on particularly fine form.

we drove home after as ed needed to be at home on the thursday morning. i believe this is when the 3 player DS tetris battle began. myself, joe n and our merchboy tom have since been at loggerheads playing. tom is easily the most accomplished at the moment but this will hopefully slide. almost certainly not in my favour though. updates to follow.

leeds. we were all pretty excited about this show because we have a bunch of friends who are all studying/living in leeds. also, we've done a few supports slots at the cockpit but never actually headlined there ourselves. even so it was supposed to be at the brudenell (which is one of my favourite venues) i was still excited to be headlining the cockpit.

the gig was promoted by james brown (yes, james brown) of pulled apart by horses. this was an excellent start because we know him and like his band. he was very accomodating, brought us our vodka and we got on with things. various friends arrived and we caught up and then before we knew it, due to the new 'nailgun' (ouch), clubnight, we were on. we played a different set and it worked much much better. a lot more energetic. we were all really suprised/flattered with the amount of people who turned up and are grateful that so many folk wanted to come.

after the gig we seriously got on it. there was a slight altercation with a band that played the other room and were in the other dressing room. basically, dont steal other bands booze, yeah?
cocks. it was ok though because ed had hidden the litre of vodka and seeing as though we ran out of mixer i was drinking it straight. mistake number one. this mistake was pre-empted with the other mistake of eating at 'wokon'. totally gross, flavourless noodles because pitza cano wouldnt deliver to the cockpit. so i started dancing and having a pretty good time. then i took a phone call outside and must've been totally all over the place because the bouncers wouldnt let me back in. so i ran in anyway and then got thrown out. then i was sick. everywhere. fucking noodles. tom got a wicked photo of it which will no doubt appear online soon.

that concludes day 3 & 4.

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