Sunday, 21 September 2008

the start...

our year starts here.

hysterics is released tomorrow and we begin our 2 week headline tour tomorrow. it feels strangely juvenile to still associate september as being the start of the year but for us, it is.
everyone is totally pumped to get back to playing shows and to bust out the new jams live. having essentially had the summer off in terms of touring, its been a long wait to this set of shows and we're going to do our upmost to make sure they're as special and memorable as possible so please come down and get involved!

we have a few birthdays to celebrate whilst we're away so be prepared. i turn 20 tomorrow and our merch boy (bitch) tom is 19 on the 29th. good times guarenteed.

so yeah, buy the record, come to a show, have a drink.
see you somewhere along the road...


p.s new lovvers, throats and will all be amongst yr favourite releases of the year. incredible stuff.

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