Tuesday, 14 October 2008

blood red shoes tour

DAY1 - portsmouth
got picked up from nottingham by the other tomassi's at midday. they were late but at the last organised pick-up i kept the others waiting for 2 hours so probably justified. portsmouth isn't as far away as id initially thought so we got there in reasonable time, did 1st day of tour things - introduced ourselves properly to the other bands and their crew etc.

it was cool to revisit a place we've only played once (at the pyramid centre with gallows earlier this year) and to know we'd be playing to pretty much an entirely different crowd. wedgewood rooms is a nice venue and fin and their inhouse monitor guy made it sound fucking massive. this was pleasing. im usually apprehensive about seperate monitor people because it usually sounds empty onstage making it much harder to enjoy but this guy totally knew what he was doing.

1984 seem like thoroughly nice chaps. its pleasant to be touring with a french band and their accents and the way they word certain english things are really cool. they described us postponing education to do the band as 'making an adventure' which i thought sounded very romantic. as romantic as fish and chips and becks can be...

blood red shoes were real nice to us and it was cool to see them properly for the first time having only seen them at leeds fest before. i dont really think you can judge a band properly on a festival set. but yeah, they rocked it. was also really cool to find out that reuben from johnny truant was teching for them. hes a nice chap.

we drove home after the show as today is a day off. this is my first time back since moving to nottingham last week and it feel foreign. had a pretty dry time as all my stuff is in another city!

roll on leeds tomorrow...

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