Wednesday, 1 October 2008

hysterics days 7&8

today we returned to the junction. a venue we'd have a lot of fun at earlier in the year.
unfortunately, the day started on a pretty bad note. i recieved a phone call from stephen m!m! to be told that on their way back to where they were crashing after nottingham. they'd had an altercation in the street with some other folk and a fight had ensued. this resulted in their bassist luke breaking his hand/damaging some tendons in his hand meaning they couldnt make the show. shit times. we wish him a speedy recovery!

after the initial disappointment of them not making the show, we were again disappointed on the food front. i'd worked myself up to get wagamama. i was totally in the mood for noodles. having convinced the others it was a wicked idea, i asked the promoter if there was one in york. he said he'd never heard of it. burn. half of us ended up settling for one of the work chinese take-outs ive ever eaten. oh well...

onto the show itself, we were pleased upon returning to the venue that it'd filled up nicely. a couple of friends id not seen over summer had come so it was cool to catch up. we played and despite the chap doing lights not really managing to match what we were doing onstage, it was a lot of fun. during the last song we managed to get a human pyramid that touched the ceiling! amazing scenes. return to sheffield.

having seen them once earlier in the year, i was seriously excited to get throats on tour. cambridge was their first show and in the intimate portland arms i knew they'd totally kill it. i managed to get a sneaky preview of their tracks from the forthcoming split with the network (buy this from holy roar!) so was looking forward to hearing the new jams which, of course, did not disappoint.

following the show, we tried sorting out some party plans but to no avail. we returned to chateau spalding in derby and went to sleep. dry.

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andycdrum said...

what happened to leicester on the 30th?