Tuesday, 7 October 2008

last day of tour!

ok, so essentially the notion of keeping a tour diary totally went to shit. it wasn't because none of us could be bothered but more that we were actually busy being on tour and enjoying all the amazing moments that the last week has thrown at us. i think sometimes its easier just to let things happen rather than chronicle them so desperately.

even so, here are a few concise highlights of the last few days:
  • returning to a venue we played in leicester last year to 4 people and playing to over a hundred.
  • fuzz club - in general an amazing show. both us and throats had a wicked time and destroyed the club night. some more than others (namely me....).
  • being suprised by the turnout in cheltenham and meeting alex holy roars family!
  • the company of throats and their crew.
  • sams house and how excellent the food was.
and the lowlights:
  • technical problems in hereford completely spoling the gig for us. i apologise to everyone who was there!
  • getting thrown out of fuzz club. it was funny sort of but i was a total dick. apologies to the promoter simon who treated us brilliantly all night. sorry!
  • the idiot who broke the microphone during throats set and then did a runner.
  • tour having to end today.
we have white heat tonight then return home for a few days off before heading out again with blood red shoes. id like to say a huge thanks to everyone who has been involved with this tour on any level. all the people who came to the shows, bought our merch or just spoke to us after the show. we've had a fantastic first album tour and are itching for the second one.


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Paulifer said...

fuzz club was ace.
even when i got half my pint spilt down me ha.