Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Touring, Festivals etc.

Still on the road, still having fun.
Bristol last night was INSANE. Cheers if you came and danced, all the three bands had an absolute ball. This was then followed by a little aftershow hangout at Tom Horses bro's house. It was fun. We played Buzz It.

Watch the first of the tour videos by clicking here. Theres also some pictures of ourselves and Grammatics from the Sheffield show on there.

We're also VERY VERY excited to announce we'll be playing at Dour Festival and Pukklepop in Belgium. The line-ups for both of those are great so check it out and lets have a massive party. Or something to that effect.

Cardiff tonight and the touring circus continues for another week. Get on it.



Maltos said...

Just wanted to say you guys were absolutely awesome in Cardiff on wednesday. One of the best gigs i've ever been to!

Christian said...

Hi James
I took some shots at The Croft, Bristol. I'm an old friend of Lee's, drummer with the Horses, and freelance as a photographer. I've got a flickr site they can be viewed on or can be contacted at if yer interested in viewing them. I don't use flash, tend to go for experimental, capture the atmos shots. Hope to hear from yer, thanks, Christian. Gig was great, incredible!