Wednesday, 15 April 2009

On tour now!

Our tour started yesterday in Leicester and we had a great first night. Thanks to everyone that came down, chatted and danced. Also a big shout out to Simon and Duncan, the new members of our touring party and to the Grammatics folk. They put on a killer show last night and I cant wait to watch them nightly for the next three weeks.

Unfortunately the Horses couldn't make last night due to James Brown's (yep, their guitarist is GENUINELY called that) infected knee but we hope they can rejoin us soon and wish James a speedy recovery.

We're in Sheffield tonight and are on the road for the next 3 weeks. Check the posts below for dates. We have our new 7" with Cancer Bats with us as well as a shit tonne of merch so help us free up some space in the van!

See you at the front.

1 comment:

Jóhann Vignir said...

It would be brilliant if you guys came to Stockholm to perform. Or to Iceland, but that would have to be next year if I were to catch it.

Great record btw.