Monday, 20 April 2009

It continues...

So we've almost been on the road for a week and we're holding up ok! The last few days in particular have been amazing fun. The Horses have joined us but alas, no James Brown. Sam Pryor is doing a great job as his stand in though and has some of the best facial hair you'll see this year.

Since the last entry we've torn up Nottingham, Manchester and Leeds. Living in Notts, I had a great time going back and getting to hang out in my house. I also got the broken key on my Synth fixed and I apologise if you were at one of the shows where it 'sounded a bit weird'. My mum told me it was really noticeable... But yeah, it was basically just dead dirty inside. Due to my intense naivety with electronics I literally paid a man £20 to just clean it. I need to learn about these kind of things so I can stop haemorrahging money.

We still have a good amount of time left on this tour and personally, Im well excited. Pictures will gradually appear and the entries on this blog may look a bit less dull.

Middlesborough tonight!


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TLM said...

i saw you in Notts and you were amazing!! nevermind the broken keys and such.

come back soon