Monday, 27 April 2009

Irish jaunt almost over

I write this entry from a hotel room just outside of Dublin on a rare day off in the Tomassi tour schedule.

Last night we played our last Irish show as part of this tour in Dublin and we have to wait til tomorrow for our ferry back across to the UK to rejoin Grammatics and the Horses for the last week of the Northern Alliance tour. Whilst we've only played to modest crowds over here, the people that have been to the shows and that we've gotten to hang out with have been super sweet! The show in LImerick was incredibly fun. An all ages crowd with people as young as 12(!) getting involved with human pyramids and everyone in the audience being really forthcoming afterwards. A big shout out to Leah and Aoefi for taking out myself, Ed, Joe and Bean after the gig as well. We had a blast!

A running theme for this leg of the tour has been really early mornings and really late nights and having had to get up at stupid o'clock on several occasions, we had to play at 12.30am in Cork. Cancer Bats played a small venue across down and I would have made the effort to get across had I not been so exhausted. We scored some sweet food during the day at this cool restaurant. Food is expensive in Ireland though and my lack of Euros has hit my stomach hard on a few occasions. Props to Bean for lending me money. Yeah.

Last night we played Dublin and now, as aforementioned, Im in a hotel room pondering what to do with my day off. Any thoughts, please comment. I still have the majority of the day left to waste.

The first in a series of tour videos shot by Mr James Brown will appear on shortly. Watch that space.


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Rolo Dale said...

Tour videos sounds like an awesome idea. Not getting my hopes up but that would make an awesome DVD along with the 2 music videos you have already! =D